I'm Megan and I want to do all the things. 


I'm a multi-passionate adventurer, wife of five years, dog mom, and NEW mom to a darling little boy. I'm also a creator and dreamer; whether I'm painting a dream of my own or helping bring someone else's dream to life (on canvas or camera), I'm in my happy place.


I love to travel (particularly to places with epic mountains), but also don't mind cozying up at home all day. Over the years I've found that I'm a natural busy bee; there's always a project in the works, a recipe to try, a book to read, or cabinet to organize.

​I believe in loving and serving people - and practicing doing it well.

I'm learning and growing everyday, as an artist, wife, friend, mother, and daughter of Christ.

If any of this resonated with you, we'd probably be friends.

snapshots of my personal adventures:

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