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style guide & what-to-wear inspiration

You are, of course, welcome to wear whatever you'd like for your photo session (they'll be your photos after all), but if you're not sure where to start, below is a guide based on what I hope reflects your experience: simple, natural, intimate, & real.

      STEP ONE: Choose a color palette.


Beginning with a simple color palette is a great start to well coordinated photos and sticking with more natural colors can create a effortlessly cohesive look. Start by opening up your closet to find that one must-wear item you've had in mind OR browse Pinterest for general color pallet ideas.

Tip 1: Keep in mind the location, season, and time of day that the photos will be taken.

Tip 2: Consider who is wearing what (will what Dad's wearing pair well with what each kiddo has on?)

Tip 3: If you choose add any bold, brighter colors, pick them with purpose and keep it minimal (see "pick with purpose" note below)

Color Combo Examples:

      STEP TWO: Consider the details.


Look for ways to bring in textures and patterns and think about the "unintentional" details. There is nothing better than the contrast of that knitted sweater beside baby's smooth cheek. Also, remember flowy is always good. Not only will you remain comfy through poses, but a flowy dress leaves opportunity for movement, wind, and dreamy twirls. Other details: will your hair be braided (adds texture)? Will you wear your grandmother's ring? (adds sentimental value), etc. 

PICK WITH PURPOSE: What to avoid.


Unless it's picked out for a specific purpose, avoid clothing (including hats -- speaking mostly to men here) that include logos or bright graphics. Collared shirts also give off a more formal, stiff, and less natural look. So again, you do you, but for photos that focus more on raw moments, sweet freckles across noses, or hair tousled by a breeze, avoid bold colors, graphics, and anything you're not comfortable in.

      STEP THREE: Don't stress.


Don't be consumed by matching up the perfect color combos or worry about being super intentional on details -- remember, the photos are more about your smiles and connections than what you're wearing and there is likely no need for you to go buy your family a new wardrobe. Relax, keep it simple, stay comfortable, stay YOU. We're going to have fun.