I'm a family and couples photographer here to show how good your love looks. This is your adventure and these moments are yours. Let me help you wrap your arms around them and keep them forever. 

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families & little ones


about your session with me 

what to expect

what not to expect

a story about you: I'm the director, but this is your show, your adventure. I want you to be you and let the real times roll.

getting outdoors: Natural light is my favorite light and natural poses are my favorite poses, and what's more natural than nature? Let's get outside. Your backyard, a mountain top, the ocean, pick a place and we'll go.

fun: This is meant to be a fun and feel good time! You get to escape into a world that's not focused on your to-do list, stress at work, or what's for dinner (I hope). This time is for you to sink into what really matters, what builds your home, and what this adventure is all about - love.

stiff, formal poses: I'm not into posey poses. Sure, I'll be guiding you, but I want to capture the real stuff, the real connections, and the in between moments. We might get one, "say cheese" photo, but to me, the good stuff is candid. Let the wind tousle your hair and come lean into what feels right. 

stress: I'm with you from beginning to end. Worried about styling? I got you. And during the session, if something works, it works, and if not, we move on. I promise, no matter how much a little one is not feeling it that day or if the sunset is less than perfect, I'll still do my best to capture some pretty perfect moments.

session types & pricing


full family session:

(2 locations)

1-2 outfits | 1.5 hours | $200

full family session:

(1 location)

1 outfit | 1 hour | $150

family mini:

1 location | 1 outfit

30 min | $100


full couples session:

(2 locations)

1-2 outfits | 1.5 hours | $165

full couples session:

(1 location)

1 outfit | 1 hour | $125

couples mini:

1 location | 1 outfit

30 min | $75


something else in mind?

I'm all ears! Reach out to me with your questions or ideas and I'm sure we can work it out!

please note that a travel fee may be applied for any locations that require more than an hour of travel from Roanoke, VA 

Questions or ready to book? Either way, can't wait to hear from you!

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about me

I'm Megan and I'm a multi-passionate adventurer, wife of five years, dog mom, and NEW mom to a darling little boy.


I'm located in the Roanoke, VA area, but I am willing to travel far and wide! I'll hike mountains, wake up for a good sunrise, or get my feet wet in a creek - all in the name of fun (and a sweet pic).

I love connecting with people just as much as I love capturing connections. I want to create something beautiful, starting with what's already there.

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